Urea               7% w/w
Aloevera       10% w/w
In Ethoxylated Lanolin Base

Urea in NMF CREAM is the potent hydrating agent that relieves the dryness associated with hyperkeratotic disorders like icthyosis and psoriasis. It also moisturizes the winter dry skin, chapped skin, fissure foot, dull, dry, ageing skin, and photo damaged skin, and thereby relieves dryness. This hydrating action is mediated by its hygroscopic properties and its ability to cause configurational change in proteins in the stratum corneum. Urea in NMF increases the water retaining capacity of the stratum corneum and decreases the TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) significantly. By wetting the stratum corneum, urea aids in desquamation.
Aloe Vera apart from its anti-inflammatory, antipruritic action which plays a role in relieving the itchy skin conditions associated with dryness, also provides emolliency and lusture to the skin. Recent reports have proven the role of Aloevera for long term management of psoriasis, so it acts as a safe and cost effective alternative to topical corticosteroids in long term psoriasis management.
Ethoxylated Lanolin base in NMF provides the emolliency factor, providing lusture and shine to the dry skin. The desired emolliency and hydration makes NMF “The Complete Moisturiser.”

1. i) For the long- term management of psoriasis, as a safe and cost effective alternative to topical corticosteroids.
   ii) NMF can be used concomittantly with topical corticosteroid (like Sternon) or steroid + salicylic acid combinations (like Sternon-SF or Sternon-S) in psoriasis management. In such cases the dose or frequency of application of the topical corticosteroid or its combination with salicylic acid can be reduced.
  iii) NMF CREAM alone can also be used in maintenance therapy of hyperkeratotic dermatoses like ichthyosis, lichen planus, tylosis and psoriasis, once remission has been achieved with the topical corticosteroid or its combination with salicylic acid.

2. As a complete moisturizer providing both hydration and emolliency in the following conditions:
(1) Chapped skin
(2) Winter dry skin
(3) Dull, dry, ageing skin
(4) Photo damaged skin
(5) Fissure foot
In Gynaecology & Surgery
     a) Reducing stretch marks, and dry wrinkled skin during pregnancy, making the obstetric                skin cosmetically acceptable.
     b) Provides moisture and to regain lost luster of the skin following removal of plaster cast. c) Removing or reducing the postoperative scars.